Whoever said that art and commerce don’t mix was clearly mistaken. Since 1998 Art to the Avenue had been doing just that. Continental Fine Wines is proud to be a merchant partaking in Art to the Avenue 2017, bringing good food and wine to an artistic experience!

On May 4, join us to see the new Continental Fine Wine & Spirits. We now have food, ice, cheese, and our new selections of spring wines to celebrate spring’s much awaited arrival. We’re going to have a rose tasting of all our Rosé for the season!


The opening will be from 5:30-8 PM. In addition to our own store, we’ll be partaking in one of the largest and most exciting festivals ever organized. The evening launches a truly spectacular show. Musicians and street performers fill the street entertaining strollers.

Most stores host receptions for the hundreds of visitors who attend to preview the work of over 120 artists. The art selected by the retailers remains in place through Memorial Day, so there is ample time for viewers to experience the “gallery” that downtown Greenwich becomes.